Traquair is celebrating a new season this year with the launch of a thirst quenching, “Spring Ale” with an ABV 4.2% it is the lightest of Traquair’s ales yet produced from the tiny ancient brewery at Traquair House.

“ We are trialling this new ale for the Spring and so far the response has been brilliant. Traquair Ales are often on the stronger side for many people’s tastes so this ale is aimed at a wider audience “ commented Catherine Maxwell Stuart, 21st Lady of Traquair.

The recipe is devised from an earlier cask ale brewed for the Referendum in 2014 and has a hint of coriander but also has the distinctive taste of all Traquair’s ales derived from their fermentation in oak tuns – the only brewery left in the UK continuing to use this ancient method of brewing.

Traquair also has a new head brewer, Frank Smith, who has finally achieved the top job after 25 years at the brewery! He is responsible for the new ale and thinks it will be repeated in future years if capacity allows. Last year, the brewery increased its production through purchasing two new conditioning tank and is looking to increase sales in Scotland and the UK. The brewery currently exports nearly 70% of its production to the US, Canada, Japan, Italy and France.

Traquair House and Brewery are open to the public from the 1st April and thereafter ever day until 31st October. Visitors can enjoy sampling and purchasing the ales in the Brewery Shop and Museum in the courtyard.


Editors notes: Traquair House Brewery lies in one of the wings of Scotland’s Oldest Inhabited House and the equipment and vessels date back to the 1700’s. It was rediscovered by the 20th Laird, Peter Maxwell Stuart, in 1965 and has been brewing its world famous ales ever since. It is now owned and managed by his daughter, Catherine.

Traquair Spring Ale is currently available in Aldi stores until stocks last and at local independent retailers as well as Traquair House.

Traquair House Brewery produces approximately 250,000 bottles per year and has won numerous awards and accolades all over the world.