Tour of House - Third Floor

The Second Library

The Library The Library

Created between 1700 and 1740, the Library has a collection of about 3000 books and has remained almost intact since it was first formed. 

Portraits of philosophers and poets around the ceiling cornice are used for cataloging the books, which are numbered and ordered below them.  Over the fireplace is a schoolroom scene, possibly after a painting by Jan Steen and painted by a local artist.

Priests Room The Priests Room

This room was used as a Chapel until the Catholic Emancipation Act was passed in 1829. Here the resident chaplain would also have lived, often in complete secrecy.  In the corner of the room you can see an ingeniously designed secret escape route hidden behind a shelved cupboard.

In times of danger the priest could have fled through the cupboard and down the old stairs, then leave by the side of the building when the house was being searched.