Tour of House - Second Floor

Mural in Museum

Tapestry The Museum Room

The Museum Room is made up of the original tower and the newer addition in the early 1500’s which contains a mural decoration of a hunting scene that has been dated to 1530 (pictured above).  The room was originally a Great Hall used for entertaining but latterly became a lumber room where the family stored its innumerable collection of treasures in trunks and boxes. These included a superb collection of embroideries such as this petit point embroidery (left) from the 1600’s.


Mary Queen of Scots Rosary Mary Queen of Scots' Rosary and Crucifix

Traquair’s strong association with Mary Queen of Scots comes from  John Stewart, 4th Laird, who  was the Captain of her bodyguard. Other items associated with Mary held at Traquair include her bed, the cradle of James VI, signed letters and an oak armorial commemorating her visit.



Traquair Amen Glass Jacobite Glass

There is a fine collection of Jacobite Glasses including a rare “Amen” glass with an air twist stem and  verse engraved on the bowl to the exiled Stuart king. There is also a fine JACOBITE Portrait glass depicting Prince Charles Edward Stuart and a disguised Jacobite goblet with a garland of three rose sprays; rose, carnation and honeysuckle.



Napier Bones Napier's Bones

A set of Napiers bones can be found in the glass case next to the Jacobite glass. John Napier could be said to have invented the forerunner to the computer and this mathematical instrument is an ingenious way to calculate the multiplication of large numbers.