Part 3

Mary is now preoccupied with the care of her son, whose symptoms are becoming more pronounced. The two doctors from Peebles, Mr Marshall and Mr Reid, are in almost constant attendance, but she is beginning to question the latter’s advice. She is exhausted with having so little sleep but is not prepared to let others take over Lord Linton’s care. Her husband plays no part in this, and her young daughter, Lady Louisa, is nowhere to be seen.  

There is a reference to Mr [William] McIver giving Lord Linton a sugar biscuit. He had first come to Traquair as a young man in the 1720s, serving as estate factor, and had served the family loyally ever since.

Friday 2 May (continued)

Lady Traquair sent Kidd away immediately to Peebles for Mr Reid or Marshall Linton when pretty well recovered was carried up stairs to Bed he Shaked & trembled very much – Lady Traquair gave him a little white wine & water warm he drank about half a wine glass – changed Colour a good deal when Sleeping – which alarmed Lady Traquair. Mr Marshall came about one o’clock – found Linton Sleeping. Lady Traquair never left the nursery did not go down to dinner, but had it sent up to the Nursery.
Linton Slept pretty well had his feet caped up in a warm flannel. – rose between 4 & 5 o’clock - & went through ye house – Lady Traquair went then to Parlour to take a glass of wine – the Evening being pretty fine Linton went out rode on ye little horse in ye Garden came into ye house a little after 6 o’clock – went to the nursery took a very little Porridge was tired & went to his Bed, had scarse been in it 2 minutes before Lady Traquair & ye rest perceived he was going into a fitt Lady Traquair immediately took him out of the Bed to ye window – Nurse Swan wanted to take Linton, but Lady Traquair would hold him herself - & sent to call Mr Marshall Lord Traquair & Mr Crukshank – who arrived first & Mrs Radcliff. The fitt was an exceeding Strong one. – Lady Traquair flung water in his face which seemed to have no effect for some time – was more than a quarter of an hour almost motionless – Mr Marshall said he was cold enough pulled down ye Window & ordered his feet to be put in flannel, when he came a little to himself was Laid on Lady Traquair’s Bed – after a little he spoke but did not know what he said kept repeating it for near half an hour, was then put into his own Bed & feet Capped up in warm flannels & Bed Cloths put over his body –Mr Marshall did not order him any thing – except wanting to give him a little emeitic put out 2 tea Spoons full Epe: wine in a glass – which he wanted him to take before dinner, but it was never offered to ye child. – Lady Traquair drank Coffee in ye nursery – Mr Marshall desired Lady Traquair would send for Mr Reid as it might be a greater Satisfaction to her to have him in ye house all night – Lady Traquair desired him [desired Mr Marshall] till she returned, went & told Lord Traquair & sent David to Peebles for Mr Reid who arrived about 10 o’clock at night, Mr Marshall then went away

Lady Traquair had got a bad cold in her head which effected her eyes much & had a terrible headach which hind[ered] her siting up all night as she intended but was often up through ye night & only lay down

Mr Marshall pretended Linton was not in danger though in ye greatest. – Lady Traquair did not go down to Coffee, had some sent up to ye nursery – Lady Traquair did not undress herself only lay down on ye Bed at times – Linton had nothing made for dinner – was not undressed at night only got his night Cap put on
Nurse Swan satt up all night – Lady Traquair went to ye Parlour to Supper & immediately returned to ye nursery

Saturday 3 May 1783

Fine day
Linton had a tolerable night – would not be dress so remained as he was with his Stay & Single Peticote on Lady Traquair was up several times through ye [night] only lay down kept on her Cloths – went out through ye day

Lady Traquair drew some radishes in ye Garden for Supper

Lady Traquair would not let Mr Reid go away – he went with Lord Traquair to Inverleathen & saw Mr Scotts Child which was doing very well – Mr & Mrs Adams sent to know how Linton did.
Linton had no appetite scarse eat any thing
Dairy Maid satt up all night – Lady Traquair did not undress her[self], only lay down – Linton had a bad [night] Lady Traquair up many times

Sunday 4 May 1783

Fine day
Lady Traquair sent Kitty to Call Mr Reid between 6 & 7 in ye morning – to see Linton who changed Colours very often & drew up his leggs – Lady Traquair was afraid he was going to take a fitt

After dinner Mr Stewart called Lady Traquair & gave her in ye drawing room a Crucifix from Rome red upon & 2 Relicks one of St Andrew apostle & ye other St Bartholomew & 2 medals which he sent into Town for Mr Menzes to send him

Mr Reid said it was nothing & did not order any thing – Lady Traquair could not make Kitty sitt up to Linton his drink when he called for it, & by ye time she was waked got up & come to his Bed he was waked which made him more fretty – Mr Reid went away to his room between 7 & 8 – Lady Traquair did not lye down any more
Linton would not be dressed rose about 9 0’clock Mr Reid went home after Breakfast about 12 o’clock was to come again at night – went out in ye forenoon was very fretfull when he went to Sleep & got only a Short one. Lady Traquair ordered him a warm bath milk & water up to his knees – which cooled & refreshed him & made him quite [quiet] & then put on him a pair of his Sis[ters?} Cotton Stock[ings] – then went down to Great Dining room had hasty pudding made which Lady Traquair helped Nurse Swan to do, but he could not eat it or any thing, then went out of doors

Had an injection

Nurse Swan called Lady Traquair about 9 o’clock Even out Chapel to Linton & that Mr Reid was come & with him
was a little fretty when went to his Bed – Mr Reid came about 10 o’clock found Linton sleeping when Lady Traquair was at Supper came to call her to Linton she went directly found Linton crying terribly – sent down for Mr Reid – who gave him 10 drops Laudanum in sugar & water which Nurse Swan put down his mouth – went to Bed again was very itchy – Slept pretty well till about 2 o’clock
 in ye afternoon Linton eat 2 slices of toasted bread out of doors
Lady Traquair did not go to bed only lay down as before Jeany ye Chamber maid satt up
 Mr Reid gave him ? which he eat too heartily [heastily?]
Mr & Mrs Kennedy sent a Card to know how Linton did as did Com: Robertson of Peebles - & Mr & Mrs Honeyman Hay Lodge – Mr & Mrs Horsburgh sent Lady Traquair gave ye Cards to Mrs Radcliffe & beg her to answer them

Monday 5 May 1783

Fine day but cold wind
Linton had a bad night Lady Traquair up several & was up from 2 o’clock till between 4 & 5 – about 3 o’clock sent Kitty to call up Mr Reid - & get ready a warm Bath milk & water to bath his feet, Mr Reid came before Linton was taken out of Bed saw him much distressed & though[t] ye Bath might ease ye Itching & do him good. – was bathed about 8 minutes which refreshed him had an injection got ready but would not take it went to Bed again about 4 & was a sleep in less than half an hour – Lady Traquair then told Mr Reid he might go to his Bed again which he did & Lady Traquair went & laid down – Linton slept till between 9 & 10 o’clock when Lady Traquair waked & asked if Mr Reid has been their Nurse Swan said he came into ye room between 8 & 9, look’d at Linton & she would not wake Lady Traquair because she had had no rest for so many nights – Mr Reid said he was going home but would return at night – Lady Traquair was angry at nurse for not waking her
Mr Pepper came about 6 in ye evening
Linton was very easy out of doors but in ye fore noon had difficulty to bring him in got ye fidler to play him up stairs to great dining room were he fell a sleep & then continued playing him up to ye nursery but Kitty waked him in taking off his Cloak & could not get him to Bed before 2 o’clock Lady Traquair satt by him that no one should touch or wake him Slept very well till between 4 & 5 never waked once then went out had difficulty to get him to rise – took him to ye Blue were there was a fire & put him a Clean Shirt & coat on – was very quite [quiet] after & went out eat a great many ? got a Sugar Biscuit from Mr McIver which he was very fond – came in about 7 o’clock took an injection & bath’d his feet went to Bed quite pleasantly – waked between 9 & 10 o’clock
Lady Traquair desired Mrs Radcliffe to make Linton a little hartshorn Jelly for next day
Mr & Mrs Kennedy sent again a Card to Mrs Radcliffe to inquire after Linton
Lady Traquair sent to Mr Scott Inverleathen to know how Mrs Scotts Child did, was doing very well.
Mr Marshall came after 10 o’clock while they were at Supper Linton went to Bed between 8 & 9 o’clock went soon to sleep – Nurse Swan called Lady Traquair just before Supper was finished Linton had waked & was very fretty – Lady Traquair went up Stairs immediately & sent Nurse down to Mr Marshall for some Laudanum, sent 13 drops 3 for spiling. – went to his Bed after taking it – Mr Marshall saw him when a Sleep about 11 o’clock – Lady Traquair did not undress her, only lay down. the dairy maid satt up.
Linton Slept till 2 o’clock in ye morning – then took a drink & fell asleep had an Injection before going to Bed at 8 o’clock with some oil in it kept great part of ye oil

Tuesday 6 May 1783

Pretty fine morning
Linton had a good night slept from 2 till 6 o’clock & from 6 to 8 o’clock – The Pustules begun to fill & were large – a great Quantity in his Face his right Eye 2 in ye Corner by ye nose on each Eye lids within side – several on ye Eye brows – his Body exceeding full & Itchey & so sore not able to bear to be touched lifted or be out of his Bed. – got up about between 10 & 11 just went down Stairs & returned to ye nursery. – went to Bed again, & kept it all day only rose about 9 o’clock Evening to get an Injection with oil - & Lady Traquair gave him 11 drops of Laudanum – eat nothing all day but some round sugar Biscuits with Carryway seeds that he called Snaps

Kidd went to Peebles for sugar Biscuits for Linton got ¾ pound

had had 2 or 3 yesterday, & would not want them this morning – Lady Traquair about 9 o’clock morning sent Kidd to Mrs Adams for some, & sent about a Dozen all she had – Lady Traquair sent to Mrs Scots Inverleathen for some she had none but sent some Diet Biscuits satt up in lithe Bed supported with Pillows his lips and mouth all full & sore - & throat same – which made him hoarse – got his Velvet Collar on yesterday – went to Sleep between 9 & 10 at night soon as Injection had no Effect but he had a natural motion in ye morning in his Bed about10 – his Eyes closed for some time in ye morning – Nose & Face very much Sweled & Inflamed
Mr Reid came between 9 & 10 o’clock just as they were going to Supper – Saw Linton with Lord & Lady Traquair before he went to Bed. – Lady Traquair called him up again soon after he got to his room to look at Linton’s Bottom as he was pained when he passed his water – Mr Reid said it was not Swelled & would do very well

The Pox at the height this day

Betty Dick satt up all night Lady Traquair did not take off her Cloths – Mr Reid told Lady Traquair Linton was much better than he expected he would have been, was more afraid to Inoculate[d] him than any one, that I should be satisfied he had had ye same pox & be under no apprehensions of his taking them again – that except ye fitts he thought he had them as well as need to be - & that when they had fitts it was generally a good sign & a good Sort – Lady Traquair laughed at all He said & looked upon it erroneus & quite nonsensical being thoroughly convinced he did not under stand Inoculation & the proper treatment of the Small Pox.