Part 2

A busy week at Traquair, with lots of visitors and neighbours calling by to enquire about Lord Linton. Mary is almost exclusively preoccupied with keeping a watchful eye over him…    

Look out for a reference to the medicinal qualities of the mineral spring water at Innerleithen (St.Ronan’s Wells, visited by Robert Burns a few years later), and to the Iron Gates (now known as the Bear Gates).

Saturday 26 April 1783

Very Fine day but wind East
Linton had a good night – rose before 8 o’clock – Lady Traquair had his flannel under Cap took out today & lin: Cal: put into his day Cap. – went out at 9 before his breakfast.
Linton drinks less than usual had Coondy for breakfast. Lady Traquair would not allow Linton to go to Mr McIver’s room during breakfast being too Warm – ordered them to breakfast in great dining room – where Linton played him about – when he went out after breakfast had on only his blue Cloak came in at 12 went soon to Sleep took off a blanket – got a good sleep. Linton had no broth for dinner only rice pudding & Sea Biscuit Pudding – eat pretty well. David coursed 2 hare in going to Peebles & one at Provost Kerr’s who desired David not to mind his hedges but leap them killed ye hare & gave it to Mr Kerr who said Lord Traquair’s Doggs were exceeding good ones.

Sunday 27 April 1783

Fine day
Linton had a good night
Lady Traquair took out one of his Flannel Peticotes. Rose about 6 o’clock went to Mr McIver’s room to be dressed. – had hasty Pudding for dinner – slept well.

Mr Reid said Linton might be dressed at ye fire he had objected to it

Mr Reid came Evening to see Linton just got a sight of his arm which had taken effect Ordered him to take at night 1 Gr Calomel – 2 Gr Jallup next morning – Lady Traquair got Them of Mr Cruik[shank] but put them in his Pocket book & gave him just a little nay a little magnesia about a gr – for Lady Traquair did not approve of giving him Physic

Monday 28 April 1783

Fine day
Linton had a good night slept with only sheet upon him – went into blue room to be dressed by ye fire Lady Traquair took his Collar off his neck & took away his other flannel peticote &lining out of his day Cap.

Mr Grieve of Hassels(?) came to see ye parks again wanted to see Lord Traquair but when he heard ye manner of Letting them said it did not signify & would send his offer to Lord Traquair

Lady Traquair made him a hasty Pudding for dinner, was waked out of his fore noon sleep – run about alone in ye Bowling Green without hatt or Cloak – had Single hankerchief about his neck had a rice pudding for dinner with few Current that Lady Traquair made him eat a good deal of that & hasty Pudding Lady Traquair took the flannel Lining in his Stays had two motions Lady Traquair saw him go to Bed & asleep

Tuesday 29 April 1783

Fine day
Linton had a good night rose six o’clock Sleept well fore noon – had two motions got one with an Injection. – Lady Traquair made him barley Gruel with Currants but he did not like it – had pudding for dinner. Lord & Lady Traquair walked in ye garden till 9 o’clock

Lord Traquair turned Lady Traquair a thimble case of fine hard foreign wood – they walk a ? in ye garden till 9 o’clock at night Mr Steward gave Lady Traquair a pair Beeds of Spanish wood gave a pair Beeds to Louisa with a medal good against Evil Spirits gave Lady Traquair 2 Crosses &several medals – gave a pair Beeds to Mrs Rad:

Wednesday 30 April 1783

Fine day
Linton had a good night rose at Six did not like to be dressed because of his arm
Lord Traquair went to Breakfast at Mr Kerrs at Kerfield to meet Lord C. B. by app[ointment]t –Linton rode before Lord Traquair had pudding for dinner of Sea Biscake – eat his Dinner well
Mr Robertson of Ettlestone & Mr Needham from Darnhall came about one o’clock with Mrs Adams where they had supped & slept & dined – Lady Traquair desired them to go & take a walk
Mr Laidlaw Blackhouse came to ask if he might 2 or 3 ash Trees, whether his Lord give leave Lady Traquair told him she imagined Lord Traquair would allow him to cutt them as there was only 2 or 3 – asked him to come to dinner – Mr Robertson and Mr Needham had walked ye day before to Kailzie to breakfast & down to Mr Adams – Mr Stevenson ye Sherriff came about 2 o’clock.
Mr Marshall came between 2 & 3 saw Linton asleep & found him doing very well could not get a sight of his arm before he went. – went away after Tea ye Sheriff went away before Tea – Lord Traquair returned from Peebles to dinner here about 3 o’clock
Linton begun to shake & shudder a little in ye after noon out of doors Mr Marshall said that was the sign of his beginning to sicken
Linton had ye lining of his Stays taken out –

Thursday 1 May 1783

Fine day
Linton had a good night rose about six o’clock.
Lord Traquair sent the Coach to Peebles to meet Mr Alexander Gordon about 12 o’clock Mr Stuard went in ye Coach
Mr Steward went to Inverleathan & begun that morning to drink ye water for his Stomach which always pained him – Mr Gordon & Mr Steward returned about half past 2 o’clock
Mr Kennedy & Miss Bartram rode from Kailzie to inquire after Linton Miss Bartram did not [a]light Lady Traquair went down & spoke to her at ye Iron Gates – Linton had hasty pudding & Sea Biscuit Pudding for dinner – Mr Reid came in ye Evening to see Linton just as Coffee was over – Lady Traquair asked him to stay all night – had great difficulty to get sight of Linton’s arm
Mr & Mrs Horsburgh sent to know how Linton did – Mr Reid stayed all night

Friday 2 May 1783

The Seventh day the Small Pox begun to appear when he was dressed in ye morning saw one on his thigh & 2 or 3 on his back
Rainy morning
Linton did not go out before ten o’clock – had a restless bad night his feet & legs cold when Mr Reid looked at him before Supper & before ye Provost went to Bed

When Linton was dressed ye small Pox that appeared ye day before was much larger & several more was out

ordered them to be Capped up in flannel which brought on ye fever in half an hour on Thursday night drank a great deal through ye night Lady Traquair got no rest – was up almost every ten minutes to look at him Mr Reid saw Linton dressed in Blue room had 3 or 4 Pustulas out a large one on his thigh – ye Provost went away home before breakfast – Linton came in about 11 o’clock into great dining room Lady Traquair saw him he was a little fretty

Lord Traquair cut sparow gras [asparagus] in ye garden had it for dinner

she had not been gone five minutes before the Nurse called her to Linton, whom Lady Traquair found in a fit in window in ye great dining room, Lady Traquair took from Linton & held him part out of the window sent for Lord Traquair & Mr Cruk[shank] kept him all ye time on her knee Sprinkled Cold water in his face was an hour before the fit quite left him - 

Friday’s events to be continued