Part 1

[[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"196","attributes":{"alt":"Smallpox","class":"media-image","height":"290","style":"width: 300px; height: 207px; float: right; margin-left: 6px; margin-right: 6px;","typeof":"foaf:Image","width":"420"}}]]Wednesday 23 April 1783

Linton was Inoculated in ye Parlour Lady Traquair held him on her knee – he only Cryed a little – Lord Traquair played with him – gave him Toys to devert him – went to Bed very pleasantly – he took 1 Grain Calomel [laxative] in bread & milk. Mr Reid went to Peebles between 8 & 9

Thursday 24 April 1783

Fine day

Linton had a good night, rose about 8 o’clock gave him 2 grains of Jallup in some Raisins kept his room all day was not washed & kept his night cap on. Lady Traquair made him Chicken Broth half a fowl Physic operated very well 3 motions had Rice Pudding without eggs or butter for his dinner did not eat much of it, but eat a great deal of Toast & Bread & took all his Chicken Broth

About 12 Coach went to Peebles for Mrs Rad: who arrived at Traquair between 3 & 4 with Mr Steward & Nurse Sawn.

Mr J[ame]s Ball: arrived at Traquair from Edinburgh about 3 o’clock – after dinner Lady Traquair Mrs Rad: & Louisa walked in ye Garden. Lady Traquair sent Louisa to gather flowers for Mr Steward Mr Cru[kshank] & Mr Ball: whilst she talked with Mrs Rad: told about Miss B.& Mr W. that Lady Traquair had inform Miss B. that she knows of ye Affair etc. Lord & Lady Traquair saw Linton go to Bed. Linton took porridge for supper.

Lady Traquair went first from Parlour to Mrs Rad: 11 o’clock did not intend to stay but staid till between one & 2 o’clock Mrs Rad: telling Lady Traquair about her daughter’s Lady appearing to them etc. etc. Mr Steward not well in his health speaks ye Galic troubled with Stomach Complaints Dr Gre: Grant attends him.

Friday 25 April 1783

Linton had a good night. Lady Traquair had the Calico Lining took out of his day Cap & went through ye house wanting his Clothes & hatt – as soon Linton was dressed & out of ye room Lady Traquair ordered ye Fire to be taken out of ye room & one kept in Blue room went out doors as soon as got his Breakfast.

Lady Traquair advised Mrs Rad: to prevail on her daughter to go to Confession to B[ishop] Ged[des] as being ye properest Person in her Situation to go to.

Had water porridge & milk – had his room well aired & Bed Curtains all up when went to Sleep – took good Sleep fore noon had week mutton Broth for dinner & pudding Mr McIver made without eggs or butter – went out again after dinner – had a very high Colour in his in Evening – eat his broth well but not ye pudding had porridge for supper. Lady Traquair saw him undress & go to Bed – left off his flannel waistcote at night had on a Calico one

Mr Steward took Calomile Tea before dinner & was to take it again in ye afternoon.

Mrs Rad: wrote her daughter to go to Confession to B----p Geddes

Mrs Rad: told Lady Traquair Sir Alexander Strachan was to come to Traquair to endeavour to prevent Lord & Lady Traquair from going Abroad - & that Bishop Geddes wished ye family to remain at Traquair would do any thing to serve them – that B----p Geddes heared Abbe Colbert advised ye Ladies at Paris to employ Wal: Fer: Lady Traquair told Mr Cruk[shank] a good deal what Mrs Rad: had said relating her daughter etc. etc. – that Mr Cruk[shank] & Lady Traquair believed it to be an Illusion etc. Mr James Ball: went away after Breakfast – Lord Traquair rode to Inverleithen to see the houses building.

Linton had one motion in ye Evening & Slept without fire in ye room for first night that year

Gard: told Lady Traquair ye nursery side of Good with ye bit going would answer him for Tilliage if Lord Traquair liked & then it would not alter ye Plan of ye Grass Parks.

Lady Traquair spoke to Mrs Rad: about girl hired for Linton by ye accounts seems as if she would answer.