How the Beer is Brewed

How beer is brewed at Traquair

Brewery 6    How the Beer is Brewed

Malted barley is mixed or "sparged" with boiling water in the mash tun. In the old brewery at Traquair water was originally drawn up from the well. The brewery continues to use water drawn from a natural spring. The wort is drawn off into the Underback below.
 – Ian with original stirring paddle


Brewery 3The wort is pumped up to the copper (purchased in 1738) and heated from below. Originally by means of a wood fire, now gas flame is employed. At this point the leaf hops is added and the boil lasts approximately 2 hours.

Adding the hops



Brewery 4The liquor is now transferred to the open coolers and cooled to the required temperature.

The next stage is for the liquor to be transferred from the coolers into the old oak tuns in the Tun Room next door.
Some of these tuns are original and over 200 years old. Traquair is the only UK brewery left fermenting its beer in unlined oak vessels.

Checking the gravity.


Brewery 5 The yeast is now added and the ale is left to ferment for 3-5 days.

The finished product!