Catholic Ceremony

Advice to all Roman Catholics intending to have their Marriage celebrated and Solemnised.

Congratulations on your intention to celebrate Christian Marriage in this Parish of Tweeddale and in the historic chapel of Traquair House. Christian Marriage is usually celebrated in the Catholic Parish Church of one or other of the parties to the marriage, but with the permission of your Parish Priest, may be celebrated in another Catholic or Ecumenical Place of Worship after consultation with the Parish Priest of that place. In very special cases a Dispensation may be requested of the Bishop to permit the celebration according to the Rites of other Christian Churches and in another Christian Church and with its Minister presiding.

1. As soon as you begin to make plans for your Marriage in Traquair, please contact the Parish Priest of the Place where you live as he is responsible for arranging appropriate preparation for you and for completing the various documents which will be forwarded to your Diocese and then to this Diocese of St Andrew and Edinburgh and Parish of Tweeddale. If for some reason you don't know the address you should find it in your Telephone Directory under Catholic Church or Roman Catholic Church.

2. Both you and he should write as soon as possible to the Parish Priest for Traquair (with an s.a.e) intimating your intentions and checking to see whether or not he is able to preside at your marriage. It may be that your Parish Priest would wish to come and preside at your wedding or another Priest known to you, again please indicate when writing so that appropriate delegation may be granted to the Priest for this purpose.

3. As part of your preparation your Priest will discuss with you the type of celebration possible and appropriate in your situation, Because of the commitments of the Parish Priest in Tweeddale it will not always be possible to celebrate Nuptial Mass. There are booklets available in most Parishes and Catholic bookshops to assist you in your preparations, e.g. Your Wedding by Redemptorist Publications. We recommend these to you.

4. You must also contact your local Registrar, and the local Registrar in Peebles, to fulfil the Civil requirements for the Marriage at Traquair.